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Prevention is the Best Medicine When Keeping Your Car Younger Longer, Not to Mention Saving Money

We all would love to find the fountain of youth and stop the clock on premature aging. When it comes to your vehicle, there is a magic formula that does work to keep your car younger longer. Regular maintenance or also known as preventative maintenance is the most effective way to safely reach your destinations and save you money on costly repairs. Most serious mechanical issues can be avoided with regular check-ups and maintenance. When caught early small issues stay small, but when ignored they begin to affect and wear any connection components. As an example; in order to be able to stop at red lights and when someone cuts you off you need brakes. But checking your brakes often will mean that when it’s time you will just have to replace the brake pads vs left the wear too long and you are now hurting your rotors and even calipers. Not to mention the fact the being able to stop isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. So you can see the difference between having to replace one set of parts vs multiple not only takes the cost up for parts but the labour involved in replacing those extra parts. By checking your brakes often will catch them at the right time for a replacement.

Now so many of our customers or people, in general, think they have a newer vehicle under warranty. That is great! But what most people forget to realize is those warranties do not cover regular wear and tear and maintenance needs of the vehicle. You still have to do regular oil changes, you will still have to replace your tires, brakes and even shocks when their wear life has run out. Those are the components not covered by warranties and need to be looked after on a regular basis. Especially oil changes. We call them $10,000 oil changes for a reason. No, that doesn’t mean they are actually going to cost you 10k to complete an oil change. But not getting regular oil changes will cost you your engine. And that is where you will be forking out money like that. So the next time you choke at the cost of an oil change remember… they are worth $10,000 if you don’t. Small price to pay with big benefits.

Also remember, by building a relationship with your mechanic shop is like building a relationship with your doctor for your car. When your mechanic gets to know your vehicle and has a record of all the work and service that has been done, it becomes much easier and cost effective to identify problems that do arise. Our team at Heritage Autopro has your best interest at heart. We love seeing our customers, again and again, so we do our best to treat them right so they want to come back. Plus, for our regulars, we offer special deals and promotions through our Prestige Loyalty program that you will not get anywhere else. So come check us out and put us to the test. We won’t disappoint you.


What Our Customers Are Saying

With over 300 satisfied customer reviews in Google between both of our locations, we are proud to share just a few.

Tyson Woolf

"Such a great team here at heritage! Would recommend 10/10. Good, honest, repair shop."

Posted: March 17, 2024

Linda Kovacs

"Carlos is the best man on this planet and would not hesitate to have his services again."

Posted: March 18, 2024

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We want to make sure you are always are taken care of. We know what we are doing and we stand by that promise. That’s why we guarantee everything we do. We are the experts & we want you to trust us. When things don’t go to plan you can rest assured you will be taken care of.