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When it comes to your car, truck, SUV, family van or special toy, with our help you can drive it & forget the service!

You hear it all from the other guys! Extensive experience, best service in the business, blah blah blah. Like everyone else trying to sell you on how great they are, we too have oodles of experience, and will give you the best service to put a smile on your face. But what makes us different, is with us you can actually forget about your service. Yup, that's right. Regardless of what you drive, just enjoy the ride. We will be the ones to remember what needs to be done - when - for you. You have enough on your "to do" list. Let us take one thing off it. We'll remember when it's time for the next oil change, tire rotation or new set and even that "O so important" seasonal service. We will even keep track of repairs we noticed and when it becomes something you should worry about, give you a heads up and let you know through email or text message. So forget about your service, we have you covered! 

We also pride ourselves on being the mechanic shop that can take care of anything. We fix what the other guys can't, won't or that are too afraid to touch. And yes, that means even your Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, Subaru & all JDM machines, including right-hand drives. We've made quite a name for ourselves doing mechanic work on these types of vehicles, and have succeeded where others have failed. We can even help you out with that necessary bodywork and windshield replacements if you need it. Check out our services, if there is something you need and not sure if we can help, don’t hesitate to give us a call or book an appointment online.

Auto Repair Service

Auto Repair

With all the makes & models of cars out there, it takes a great deal of combined experience & knowledge to tackle all the repairs possible. We’ve got over 20 years experience and have seen it all. Most importantly, we only do the work you say “YES” to.  We’re small, but mighty & making sure our customers trust us is key to our success. We have the best warranties in the business.

Auto Repair Service

Car Maintenance

Keep your car younger longer! The only way to do that is make sure its maintained. Oil changes, fluid flushes & other regular maintenance are essential to the life of your automobile. Plus, it can save you on costly major repairs later. With every service we do full inspections. That way you don’t get a nasty surprise on the road. Keeping you running is what we’re all about.

Service Packages

Service Packages

Believe it or not, you should service your car as often as the season change. That's why we offer packages that meet the needs as the year moves on. Even for those extra cold winters, chilly springs, unreasonably cool summers & snowy falls. Oh, we also have something for those occasional hot summers. Get your car ready for anything & everything.

Order Parts

Import Specialist

Drive something special? We're the shop your looking for. We specialize in JDM, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Subaru, Nissan, VW, without the special inflated service pricing. We have made a name fore ourselves fixing problems where others have failed and we especially like getting under the hood of those unique right hand

Automotive Customization for Performance Service

Auto Upgrades

When you love your ride & you want to get the most out of your car, we can help. We enhance horse power, add lift kits, even get those big tires & rims you love. Customizing your vehicle can be tricky so make sure it’s done right & by the pros. If you can imagine it, we can do it. We’ll also give you the right advice & recommendations for your car or truck.

Automotive Inspections

Vehicle Inspections

Inspections are an important piece of your automotive needs. We can help you avoid buying that lemon with our pre-purchase inspections while catching issues before they leave you stranded with our 50 & 100 point inspections. Trust is key, so we only tell you what needs to be fixed. You can save time & money by fixing any found issues with us.

Specialize in Brake Services, Suspension Repair, & All Other Regular Automotive Maintenance & Service You Can Think Of

We’re here to help you with all your mechanical needs. After servicing Calgary for close to 30 years, we’ve got the experience to take care of any auto mechanic repairs or maintenance you need done. But we do have our specialties too. Our mechanics specialize in servicing Volkswagens, Audis, Mercedes & Subarus. Everything we do is backed by North American wide warranties so you have the peace of mind to know that no matter what happens you’re taken care of. Don’t forget, regular car maintenance like oil changes and fluid flushes are the key to avoiding other expensive repairs. We do our best to make keeping up on your car’s regular maintenance easier and cost effective with our seasonal services packages. They give you everything you need plus detailed inspections to help catch wear and tear before they become expensive safety issues; all packaged together keeping the wallet happy too. If you break out the cost of everything in these packages, even to do it yourself it’s easy to see the value they offer.

Great Warranties Mean We Use Only the Best Parts in the Market

What Our Customers Are Saying

With over 300 satisfied customer reviews in Google between both of our locations, we are proud to share just a few.

I can't recommend NAPA Heritage Autopro enough. They take great care of me and my car. Carlos is friendly, upfront and easy to deal with. I know that he and his crew know cars and are honest in their dealings with me. I have no qualms about recommending him to my family and friends.


— Terry Melnyk

November, 2020

Clear communication before and during the install. All the mechanics/techs I spoke with were extremely friendly and tried to make my experience the smoothest it could be. Definite recommendation from me.


— Nick

December, 2020

I've used Heritage Auto Pro for the last few years and just wish I had done so much earlier - it would have saved me quite some money and a lot of unnecessary extra work suggested by the other workshops...
Trust and great service are very important to me so: Thank You All at Heritage Auto Pro for taking such good care of my little Saturn!!!


— Gem

October, 2020

I was kept up to date on the process the whole time, and my vehicle is running like new again! I have a doctor, a dentist, and now I have a mechanic - I feel like a grown up! Thanks


— Rue

October, 2020

I went to get my front brakes and rotors replaced for my pathfinder at the end the end of June and this napa was super friendly, they set up a shuttle to drive me home and pick me up. I had to pull a trailer across the country as my fiance and I moved to Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia. We had no issues with the work and it got us across the country safely. I highly recommend this napa to get your vehicle serviced, staff is friendly and efficient!


— Luke Kakum

July, 2020

Getting my Firebird hot rodded. Very professional, knowledgeable and flexible throughout.


— Robert Clappison

November, 2020

So glad I found these guys. Wouldn't trust my car any place else. Honest and trustworthy.


— Barbara McCulley - Janke

May, 2020

Excellent service! They kept in touch with a progress report and every thing went according to schedule. Well done guys! Keep up the good work.


— Roman Raczkowski

February, 2020

They went above and beyond fixing my tire and then putting it back on for me in a snowstorm!! Very kind and fast service!


— Mindy Hamel

December, 2020

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Full Peace of Mind Warranties

We want to make sure you are always are taken care of. We know what we are doing and we stand by that promise. That’s why we guarantee everything we do. We are the experts & we want you to trust us. When things don’t go to plan you can rest assured you will be taken care of.