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If you are wondering why you have a funny vibration when you head down the road at different speeds or your car tends to pull to one side when you’re driving. Chances are you need your tires balanced or a wheel alignment. Driving a vehicle the needs a wheel alignment isn’t just unpleasant but it actually causes bigger issues with your vehicle if left too long. It also means it takes more effort to actually drive your vehicle, making those long roads trips more exhausting than normal. It also affects the performance of your car as well. A car that was once nice to drive but then becomes rough or not as responsive in the steering takes away the joy of the vehicle.


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What can cause my car to need a wheel alignment?

Wheel alignments do not last the life of your car. In fact, it can be dramatically changed from one day to the next by simply hitting a pot hole or bumping a curb. But for the most part, wheel alignment changes usually happen over time, but not a long period of time. You should have your alignment checked every 12-18 months as what often happens is the change in alignment is gradual and not necessarily noticed right away. So by the time you do notice something is wrong, you have created other problems and wear and tear on your tires and other suspension components.

Over the course of a year or so, components such as bushing become loose or weak which makes it more difficult to for your car’s suspension to hold everything in the proper alignment. As time goes on, on even wear in these parts adds to the problem and creates a more dramatic alignment issue. If you don’t have your alignment checked often enough you could not only need to pay the cost of the alignment check and adjustments, but also feel the hit of having to replace tires and other expensive suspension parts prematurely.

Your vehicle is being driven often every day and every time you take your car out, the moving parts that keep the tire on the road is experience wear. So think about what is going on under your car. Your steering system is being used and slowly wearing as you turn and maneuver your car. Every time you hit a bump or rolling down roads that aren’t perfectly smooth – which there are no roads anywhere that meet that criteria – your suspension is slowly wearing front and back. Every time you push the brakes you not only engage your braking mechanisms but your suspension system is being activated as your car slows down and it absorbs impact, pick or small. These are just a few areas that are affected by everyday driving.

What are the benefits doing a wheel alignment and making sure my tires are balanced

Unbalanced tires cause road vibration, which leads to driver fatigue, premature tire wear, and unnecessary wear to your vehicle’s suspension. Not to mention, just a plain poor driving experience for everyone in your car or truck. Tires should be balanced when they are mounted on wheels for the first time or when they are mounted after a repair. Visit us at Heritage Autopro to have your tires re-balanced at the first sign of a vibration or shimmy as well as once a year or every 20,000 km. Proper alignment is necessary for even tread wear and precise steering. Uneven front or rear tire wear, or changes in your vehicle’s handling or steering can indicate misalignment.Proper tire balance and alignment is important as it reduces tire wear, increases the longevity of the tire, makes driving safer, and enhances vehicle performance.

Ensuring your wheel alignment is where is should be is an even greater factor when it comes to preventing premature wear on your tires, suspension parts such as struts and shocks as well as all parts in between. It also means your steering system is working properly and not wearing out quicker the necessary, which of course is a major safety issue.

Heritage Autopro provides full tire balancing and wheel alignment services. We can ensure that your vehicle is properly aligned, meaning all suspension and steering components are operating correctly, and tire and wheel assemblies are sound. Experience a higher level of performance, a longer tire life, and a safer ride with balanced tires and aligned wheels.

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Service Packages

Believe it or not, you should service your car as often as the season change. We offer packages that save you money.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

With over 300 satisfied customer reviews in Google between both of our locations, we are proud to share just a few.

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The service here is top notch, professional and customer service is second to none. Happy to recommend this shop to anyone.


— Antonella Barbario

May, 2022

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I’ve had really good experiences getting my oil changed here. Fast, friendly and cost effective


—Andriy Szkwarek

May, 2022

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...The team was very accommodating and got me back on the road in a timely fashion.
They communicated the issue and associated costs to me before proceeding with the repair.
They also outlined other issues that could be addressed without being pushy about repairing them right away.
I will be definitely returning for future servicing.
It's great to have such a reputable shop in the neighbourhood. Highly recommend Heritage Napa AUTOPRO to those who need some work done on their vehicle.


— C M

February, 2022

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Overall experience, fantastic. they checked out my engine and breaks, told me exactly how much it would cost and exactly what was wrong with everything, and fixed it that day and we’re super nice and fast! 10/10 would recommend.


— Josh Caskey

April, 2022

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This will be my mechanic going forward. They were so professional. Sent me photos of all the parts that needed repair. Explained everything to me. Didn't pressure me to get anything done. Followed up after the service to make sure everything was running well. Just a great experience from start to finish.


— Olimpia Gebka

January, 2022

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Friendly, quick and fair price for services. Would recommend!


— Steve de Boon

May, 2022

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Experience and service is top notch. They have a BMW trained mechanic on staff which is great! Water pump addressed, kept informed during the process. My second time back since bringing vehicle to Alberta from out of province…. They have a returning customer!


— Maureen Moul

March, 2022

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Service was excellent and very competent. Zarya made sure to provide updates on what was happening with my repairs so I would know when I could get my car back.


— Paolo V.

February, 2022

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Very efficient and there knowledge of cars helped us get the work done. I recommend them for anyone who needs work done.


— Kevin Miller

February, 2022

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