Automotive Parts Sales in Calgary

So you are a person that likes to do it yourself. Got the knowledge, have the time and would like to save some money. We can help with that too!
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Let us do the shopping around and get you the best deal on your parts

Anyone that likes to “Do it themselves” knows that one of the most time consuming and sometimes frustrating things is find the part you’re looking for and making sure you’re getting the best price. And are you REALLY confident you will show up at the store, buy the part, get it home and when you go to install it, you got the right one? It can be very maddening and waste hours of your time going back and forth to the store. Oh, and what about those extra special circumstances when you thought you had everything you needed and you take off that special piece.. go to install the new one and you find there was a new hose, seal or gasket or who’s knows what else you never thought of that also needs to be changed. Well we know, and that’s where we can really come in and help you out.

We’re all about service. Whether that be taking care of the whole automotive repair job for you, or helping you get through completing the work needed on your car with the right automotive part and advice. Either way, we’re here to help.

* Remember, if you’re sending us an email with your part needs, make sure to include; your name, phone number, vehicle, year, make, model, engine size or even better the VIN number. VIN number is best as we get all the data we need from that so there is less chance of getting the wrong part. Plus, don’t forget to describe what you are wanting to do so we can be even more help to you.



Getting parts from us vs them:

1. Let us do the shopping around for you.

There are a lot of retailers in the city you can get parts from. In order to have the peace of mind you are getting the best price you could be making up to 10 phone calls, having to repeat the same spiel that many times over and then compare what they have.. if they even have it. In addition, there are details in your vehicles specs that can dramatically change which part you need. We have access and relationships with all the retailers you know and trust and then some. We also have access to a network that only mechanics are privileged to that give more then just what the part numbers shows as far as information and what you need or what the possibilities could be. Which is why you so often find yourself with the wrong part or needing more then you realized… like that seal that also needs to be replaced no one told you. We’ll not only do the price shopping for you and give you the best quality part for the best price, and all the options in between for all makes and models with just one phone call. We also check to make sure there are no exceptions that could cause you to have the wrong part or unforeseen additional parts. Think of all the time you will save alone by not having to make those phone calls yourself.

2. We pull wrenches too and have pretty much seen it all.

If you need it and you buy the part from us, we can give you some insider info on how to do the job. Tricks of the trade if you will, or let you know if the job you’re about to tackle will need a special tool or some additional components you never thought of. We can also help you identify if there are a few special items or added knowledge you need that could get you in over your head, with a vehicle completely out of commission. There is nothing worse then being under your hood and find you can’t actually finish the job for whatever reason and have wasted all that time and still have a car that isn’t running right or at all. Again, we have access to a network beyond your typical parts stores where we can get a sense ahead of time what is involved. Fixing cars is what we do at the end of the day, so why not get your parts from people that are actually doing the work.

3. We deliver only high quality OEM parts and have all the same warranties and guarantees you love.

This is a big deal and really.. who doesn’t love a deal? We all love Chinese manufacturing prices.. but when it breaks within weeks of putting it in… we don’t love the nightmare that can come with it. We’ll find what you need and we’ll make sure the quality is what we would put on the vehicles we service. We don’t like come backs in any form so we want to make sure your part is of the quality you can trust. Again your time is precious, you don’t want to waste the time and money installing poor quality parts in your vehicle. Plus, by getting the parts from us, you still get all the same warranties and guarantees you would get by walking into your typical parts store. Noting changes there and you can have the peace of mind that your covered.

4. We can help you find those extra hard automotive parts that you may have been looking around for a while.

Too often we get going on a project and discover what we thought would be easy to find ends up being much more difficult to source. By letting us search our extensive network for the part on your behalf, we can find those hard to find parts and save you the time and headache of doing it yourself. We do it everyday anyways for the cars we fix. No one is better to source out those hard to find products then us.

5. What about how long it will take to get the part?

The automotive part you need will most likely be sitting in the shop waiting for you within a few hours or your order. Special exceptions for those more difficult and less common items. But you really won’t lose time by getting it from us. Especially if you think of all the time you save by not having to call those 10 retail stores yourselves and hope you are getting what you really need.