Authentic Mexican salsa that has the key to unlock your tastebuds.
What happens when you have a Mexican owner of a mechanic shop? Lots of SkidMarks. SkidMarks Salsa to be exact.

We love cars, we love speed, performance and heat. We also love cooking too. So that is where SkidMarks Salsa comes in. There is nothing sweet about our salsa.  It’s hot, it’s unique and it will blow your doors off.

We do everything with love and with attention to detail. We love our customers and we put a lot of time and care into every car we fix. The same goes for our salsa.

It’s funny how we’ve come to sell salsas. Our friends and family loved them so much they were pushing us to get them out to the public as there is nothing like it out there.

To see if everyone was just biased, we gave them away as swag to our customers as tasters. THEY LOVED THEM!!! So now here we are. A mechanic shop that not only brings the best service to our customers but also the best Salsa.

There’s nothing sweet about our Salsa. Handcrafted from the freshest ingredients supporting local growers with no artificial colours or preservatives. Your taste bud’s savoury cylinders will combust with satisfaction. Our rich heat will get your engine running & revving for more.

Increase your food’s flavour performance by trying all of them.

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Heritage Autopro's Skidmarks Salsa comes in 3 levels of spicy heat: Gringo Greaser, Backfire Beaner, and Puta Madre.

Calgary Pick-up Available

No need to have the product shipped to you if you live in and around Calgary. Come to our shop and pick your order up there. Save you some money on shipping and it will be even fresher. We will notify you when your order is ready for pick-up.

Or just come to our shop and we can fix your car too. Get out our one stop shop while you get your salsa.

Contact Us

Have questions about why a mechanical shops sells salsa? Or maybe you want to know more about our product. Send us a message and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.