The sun is shining! And we are all dreaming of sitting on patios, socializing with friends and a little less stressful days.

Now that cracking a Corona is not what it used to be and patio parties are reduced to staring out the window longing for the snow to melt, wishing we were able to do something fun to enjoy some of the NEW free time on our hands – things may seem a little bleak.

But there are still good things happening. At Heritage Autopro we wanted to let our customers know that we are still here to help. We’re open and will get your car, truck, SUV, family minivan and even your motor home (cause you just may want a little social distancing in the mountains) ready for everything and anything.

Even though you may be stuck home with the kids or working remotely, your vehicle is still your lifeline to the important things. So keeping it running is essential to life in Calgary and its sprawling surrounding areas.

So we are offering sweet savings and extra special service to make sure you and your family have what it needs.


1. Making sure everyone is safe and healthy with a 15% discount Off Labour – to put a smile back on your face

Our staff is under strict instructions to stay home if not feeling well. Also, we are running a smaller crew to reduce any chance of spreading anything amongst our team and you.

We are taking extra care in making sure that when you bring your car to us, you have as little contact with us as possible. You are welcome to give us a call and communicate over the phone what you need and dropping the keys in our dropbox.

No need to come in if you don’t need to.

We are also taking great care to sanitize everything we touch so when you get your car back nothing unexpected has been left behind.

2. Offering Pick Up and Delivery Service of your car from your home or work- No Extra Charge

Stuck isolated or trying to do your part to put some distance between everyone? Or maybe you are finding yourself extra busy juggling everything with kids home and trying to work from home as well. No matter where you are in the city, we will come to get your vehicle and drop it off to you.

We will discuss over the phone how you want to pass along your keys and work with you to leave invoices in your car and keys where you request. We can take various forms of payment as well so you don’t have to come in.

Our guys are sanitizing high touch-point areas so you’re getting your car back cleaner then you left it.

3. Speaking of Fears of Germs – We offer an Air Quality Care Package

If you are worried about poor quality air in your car from the outside world or lingering germs, we offer an air quality package. This includes sanitizing the interior by killing germs, viruses and bacteria; along with any mould and mildew that may also be present in your car.

We will also replace your air cabin filter with a charcoal filter so the air coming into your cabin is free of any kind of unfriendlies.

Ask us for more details

4. Offering 20% Off Labour to Calgary Health Care Workers

We appreciate the people working to keep us healthy and taking care of all those that need medical care. We want to give back and help keep you guys going. Your car is vital to getting you where you need to go. So this is one way we can. Call and ask us for details.

We are used to being able to fix anything – car related that is. But these are just a few ways we are trying to help serve our Calgary community. We all need support and we’re here to do what we can.

Give us a call to learn more about where we can help you or feel free to Book an Appointment.

Let’s keep Calgary Moving!