Cursing Hot Salsa – Puta Madre


This hot rod is filled with gorgeous Roma tomatoes, aromatic onions, garlic, and explosive seasoning. Cooked by chefs in hazmat suits, this rich combination is blended together with enough Habanero peppers to blow your doors off. We love the tangy heat and dragon breathing burn. Even just “a dab will do ya!”

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Weight 750 kg
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 5 cm

16 oz

Dairy Free


Gluetin Free


No Sugar Added


Calories for 2TBSP Serving


Fat Per Serving


Carbs Per Serving


Fiber Per Serving


Natural Occurring Sugar Per Serving


Vitamin A Per Serving


Vitamin C Per Serving







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Wow!! Mother F@#&! This little hot rod will be sure to cause “spice induced turrets” syndrome. If your kids start saying they’re going to get you a swear jar, tell them it’s not your fault its the salsa.

This one is hot. We aren’t going to lie. We blame it on the Ghost peppers. We weren’t going to be that mean, but bought a whole bunch of Ghost Peppers by accident and said, “what the heck, at least no one will be complaining it’s not spicy enough”. If you still think this red nitro exhaust burning bad boy isn’t hot enough, send us a message and we honestly will make you something specially obnoxious just for you.

This one had our lips burning during quality assurance testing and that is saying something.

So what is under the lid of this tire squealer? Beautiful Roma tomatoes, onions, garlic, special seasoning cooked by chefs in hazmat suits all blended together with enough Ghost pepper chilies and an assortment of other peppers to blow your doors off. We love the tangy heat and dragon breathing burn. Even just “a dab will do ya!”

Like all of our salsas, each bottle is handcrafted, without artificial colours, preservatives and are made from the freshest local ingredients we can find. And yes, that means we get our butts off the couch and actually do the ingredient shopping ourselves and hand pick each piece. That’s why each bottle is made to order, giving you the freshest salsa you can find, creating a unique twist in every bottle. But all with the same incredible taste.

Note: All orders in the Calgary area can be picked up at our shop location: 8304 Fairmount Dr. SE, Calgary, Ab and are not subject to shipping costs.

Food Pairings:

Like adding that right accessory to your ride, here are some suggested pairings to try. You really can’t go wrong with slathering our salsas on everything. But here are a few suggestions you may not have thought of:

  • Add Greek Yogurt or Sour Cream. That is all you need to do transform the flavour into a creamy taste of heaven. Again, helps bring down the spice if it’s too much for you.
  • Tortilla Chips – Total given. But this green salsa with your nachos will be something completely new.
  • Eggs – Any eggs cooked any way. Honestly, you will never be able to go back to eating eggs the same way again.
  • BBQ Steak, Chicken, Pork. Great low-calorie substitute for BBQ sauce.
  • Put it on any failed recipe you cooked that the dog wouldn’t eat… will sure to fix any flavourless food
  • EVERYTHING ELSE!! Seriously, can you honestly put this on anything and everything.


Lack of salsa may cause separation anxiety, lasting withdrawal, extreme cravings & an overall dissatisfaction with general food flavour. Be advised to keep a supply on hand at all times after the first dose.