Prestige Customer Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions

We value our loyal customers a great deal, which is why we’ve developed a unique loyalty program just for them which is only available at Heritage Autopro. Our Prestige program is a way we are giving a little back to our customers that keep coming in as a thank you for their loyalty. As a member of the Prestige program, the more you bring your vehicles to us for service the more money and perks you will get back.

To guarantee that you are receiving the greatest benefit from the program, be sure to either present your loyalty card or give us your email when dropping off your car. Without either program identifier, the customer will not receive the appropriate discounts and program benefits.

How does Heritage Prestige work?

Earn Discounts

When you bring your vehicle in for service you’ll earn a discount off labour towards your next visit. This is not something you’ll have to keep track of, or even think about. We, the staff at Heritage Autopro, will automatically apply the discount to your invoice when you qualify for it. This way, you’ll always get your discounts and you will never miss out on a chance to save money. Discounts do not apply to parts, only to labour unless otherwise stipulated in a special offer.

Example: If your total invoice before taxes is $500, you will earn 10% off labour on your next service invoice. When you come back, have a service invoice of $1,200 where $500 are labour costs; you’ll receive 10% off the $500. Giving you, the customer, a total savings of $50.

Also, the percentage you earn as a labour discount will depend on the dollar value of the earning invoice before taxes.

Discount Accrual Breakdown of Invoice Totals Before Taxes:

– between $100 – $1,000 earns 10% off labour on your next invoice
– between $1,001 – $2,000 earns 15% off labour on your next invoice
– between $2,001 and up earns 20% off labour on your next invoice

Invoices where you as a member have earned a discount for the next service will not qualify for a discount to be applied. Invoices that have a discount applied to them will not earn discounts towards the next service. You may either earn a discount for your next visit or have a discount applied. Not both at the same time. Discounts earned are automatically applied to the appropriate invoice and members do not get a choice in reserving a discount for a later time, therefore; accumulating discount balances is not acceptable.

Earning FREE Service

As a Prestige member the more you bring your car in for regular maintenance service will get you closer to receiving a FREE service.

– Purchase 4 Oil Changes and the 5th Oil Change is FREE
– Get a FREE Multi-Point Visual Inspection with every Oil Change Service (over 100 dls on savings)
– Purchase a New set of Tires and We’ll Mount them for FREE
– FREE Tire Rotation with the purchase of Wheel Balancing and Wheel Alignment Services
– Purchase Full Brake Service and receive FREE Tire Rotation if necessary
– Purchase Full front or Rear Suspension Repair Service and receive a FREE Tire Rotation if necessary

Special Member Only Offers

As a Prestige member you will receive special offers only available to members throughout the year on maintenance and repair service. This will be sent through email and will be in addition to the regular offers that Heritage Autopro gives to its customers. If you tell friends/family about the offer and share the email, they will have the unique opportunity to redeem the offer as well.
Offers will vary throughout the year. Special offers may apply to either parts, labour or both.

This program will continue to grow and more will be offered to it’s members as time progresses. However; Heritage Autopro reserves the right to change the Prestige Loyalty program offering and discount structure at any time without notice. This will be in the effort to improve the program and tailor the program parameters to what is in the best interest of the customer as well as Heritage Autopro.