With the winter ending, most people aren’t thinking about their cars needing maintenance as the risk for getting caught in the cold has diminished. However spring and summer have their own strains they put on your car. Spring is the perfect time to ready your ride for upcoming road trips and the extreme heat of summer. AAA Roadside Service estimates that more than 9 million motorists are stranded during the summer months and most of these breakdowns could be avoided with proper car maintenance.The following are some basic maintenance that will get your car ready for the Spring and Summer driving season:

    • Tire Inspection
      If bald spots, bulges or severely worn tread is apparent new tires are in order. Uneven tread wear can also indicate a need for wheel alignment. Tire pressure should match the factory guidelines. This will not only prevent a flat or keep your family out of harms way. It will also save you money by increase gas mileage and will increase the performance of your car.
    • Get a Tune-up
      We know that saving money is always important to you. A complete tune-up will help your engine deliver the best fuel economy – which makes your dollar go a little further. It also reduce emissions and distributes the best balance of power – which helps extend the life of your car.
    • Check Air Conditioning, Heating Ventilation
      No one wants to sit in a car with broken air conditioning in 100 degree weather and a functioning heater will be appreciated on those late night or early morning drives. Air and heating system inspection and/or repair will ensure a comfortable driving experience. Also when these systems aren’t working right, may be a sign that something more serious is wrong. You don’t want to find out too late that you have a coolant leak or another system that will seriously hurt your engine – if it’s not repaired – but caught earlier is a minor fix.
    • Suspension & Steering Inspection
      Shock absorbers, struts and chassis parts should be inspected annually to provide a smooth ride and reduce the likelihood of expensive repairs in the future. But even more importantly, good working suspension and steering systems are mandatory for safety on the road.
    • Check Fluids
      Engine oil, power steering, brake and transmission fluids as well as antifreeze, coolant and windshield washer solvents should be checked and filled to recommended levels. This is the king of trouble prevention. By keeping your fluids topped up and clean will save your vehicle and keep it running for much longer. Can’t go very far with low oil, it’s much more cost effective to top up the fluids then replace major parts and even the engine.
    • Hose and Belt Inspection/Replacement
      Any hoses and belts that are cracked, brittle, frayed or loose should be replaced. Again, simple fix that is extremely important in preventing break downs. It will hurt your wallet way less changing a belt before it breaks.
    • Battery Inspection/Replacement
      Depending on the age of your battery and the weather conditions you drive in it could be time to replace your battery. A certified technician can test the strength of your battery and if necessary replace it.
    • Exhaust System Analysis
      Damaged or broken supports and hangers can result in exhaust leaks that can be very dangerous. If damage is found it should be repaired immediately.
    • Check Windshield Wipers & Lighting
      In this area you never know what you will need with the changes in weather, it’s extremely important to have efficient wiper blades in place for use on foggy or damp mornings. All exterior and interior lights should also be checked so that you can see clearly and clearly be seen. Hate to point out

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