Everyone is familiar with the whole world of mail in rebates. They look good and you do get your money back but only when you do the work – after the fact. How many times have you made a purchase motivated by the idea that you would receive x number of dollars back. But when push came to shove, you never seemed to get around to taking the time to actually send it in and get your money back.
We are now in the season of tire rebates and its pretty much guaranteed that there is one out there perfect for you and for the brand you love. But knowing what a pain mail in rebates can be, we’ve got you covered. When you purchase tires from us that have a rebate, we will take care of all the work and you will get the discount immediately. you will never have to dish it out first and wait for the money to come back. When you pick up your car with your new tires, you will have the rebate taken off your total invoice amount. So stay tuned to see all rebates now available.