This is a common thought that is not accurate when it comes to your new vehicle, it’s service, who can complete the service and how it will affect the warranties. Many consumers have been lead to beleive that if they do not have the vehicle serviced at the dealership then the warranties will be void.

Truthfully, you as a consumer have choice and the are no negative effects to your car’s warranties by having your car serviced by a licenced mechanic shop other then the dealer. Accorrding to the Automotive Industries Association of Canada, making your onw choice of Automotive Service Professional for regular servicing and maintenance does not mean your compromising your vehicle warranty.

Here are some things you should know:

– In each province, there are Automotive Service Professionals who are qualified to service any vehicle make and model.

– Your chosen Automitive SErvice Professional can service your vehicle for regular maintenance.

– To maintain the integrity of your vehicle warranty, follow its terms and properly document the maintenance schedule outlined in your owner’s manual or your extended warranty coverage contract. For example, particular attention should be made to ensure that manufacturer recommended fluids are used and accurately documented in your record of service.

So don’t get trapped in paying dealing pricing for maintenance that you can have done at your preferred shop.