You might be safe and snug indoors while keeping some physical distance, but if your vehicle is being stored more than driven these days, taking a few minutes to give it a touch up will keep it happy down the road. DIY Friday is a place where we’ll give you tips to keep your ride moving.


  1. Pick your parking spot: Avoid parking under trees to limit staining and clogging leaf litter, and if possible park indoors or use a snugly fitting cover.
  2. Spring clean: The last thing you want is for winter salt to do extra body damage, or some lingering fast food remains to take on a life of their own while you’re keeping your distance. A quick car wash and tidy up can make a long-lasting difference.
  3. Fuel for the road: Like storing your lawn mower for the winter, a long-term stored vehicle shouldn’t have a full tank of gas. Since gas has a shelf-life, it is better to have a lower amount, and top it up with fresh gas when it is in need, or back in regular use.
  4. Cover those wheels: If you store your vehicle outside, covering the tires will reduce the damaging effects of the sun. Your tires may flatten a bit on the bottom, but you can work this out with a quick drive.
  5. Get behind the wheel: If you plan on running the engine periodically, why not go one step further and take your vehicle for a drive. This will round out your tires, get the mechanical parts moving together, and give you a change of scenery!