Taking your car to a mechanical shop at times leaves people feeling like it was more then they expected. Too often we have the mentality that mechanics are just grease monkeys and not worth what is on the invoice. Or maybe there have been times when we know enough about how to fix a vehicle to be dangerous, which tends to lend a skewed view of what we think is involved and how much work the job “really” was.

Let us shed some light on the subject. Do you question how much your Dr. charges to do his procedures and check ups? “How can you compare a Doctor to a Mechanic, they go to school for double the time and they have peoples lives in their hands”, is what you’re thinking I’m sure.

Well, you’re right about the schooling. But ask yourself, “How many makes and models does a Dr. have to diagnose and fix?” Sure, the human body is extremely complicated I give you that.  But really, a Dr. needs to know the in’s and out’s of 1 make and 4 or five different models in the end. And they all basically came off the same assembly line.

Think about all the different kinds of vehicles that are on the market today, and for how many years we have been producing, upgrading, changing and improving those vehicles. Also, think about how many different vehicles are out there on there road over the last 20 years. It’s a staggering amount of technology that propels us from place to place each day. That is why a a car or truck is one of the most expensive things you’ll buy. And they are not an investment. They get used abused and are exposed to some of the harshest conditions on earth, especially where we live with the dramatic changes in weather from day to day.

So a skilled licensed mechanic needs to have a tremendous amount of knowledge just to try and get down to the bottom of some issues. And like going to the Dr. what often may seem to be the problem causer is just a symptom of something else more pressing or connected to the system showing the issues. We need to be mindful of the effort it takes to simply diagnosis an issue correctly, and that is before we even fix anything.

Now I bet you’re asking yourself “Well, all cars have computers now days, don’t they just get plugged in tell you what the issue is?”

Funny, you’re right. Most modern cars have a pretty sophisticated computer system running it. As a matter of fact, there are more lines of computer code in the automotive industry than what is in the Hubble Space Station. So our technicians need to be good at diagnosing – like an MD, and programmers.. or at least able to think and trace through codes and errors as a programmer does. They also need to have the knowledge to look at all the thousands different automobile types out there. Makes you start to think that our Mechanics are far more than Grease Monkeys. They are bordering genius levels of intelligence and skill. I know you’re saying to yourself, “My mechanic in his greasy coveralls and black mechan-i-cured hands doesn’t look like much of a genius to me”. Well, they have to know their stuff and to be good at their job. They need to have some pretty amazing experience and training to understand all the possibilities that can go wrong. And then fix them.

Doctors send you for tests, refer you to specialists, prescribe something that should help the body fix itself and from time to time put you on the table and look under the hood. Well, last I heard there wasn’t a drug we could give your car that would fix that poor shifting, or the squeaky brakes, or the bad steering. And what about that noise that keeps happening every time you go over speed bumps.. which sounds like your muffler is falling off?

So, now your thoughts go to how doctors save lives. I hate to it break it to you, but so do mechanics. When they fix those grinding brakes, they have now potentially saved your life by ensuring your vehicle will stop when it must. That nasty bump and hard steering that gets fixed has now made sure your car is responding the way it needs to in case of an emergency. Oh, and that heater core or coolant issue that just got fixed causing the car to seem a little cool for your liking has now made sure when the weather drops to 30 below Celsius you will be safe and warm as you drive. Safety issues and all the things that can go wrong with your car, truck, SUV, or Mini Van while you’re hurtling your family down the road at unnatural speeds, are prevented and lives saved by the work mechanics do every day.

So, bottom line, we know keeping your car repaired can be pricey. And when you have a good shop that cares about you and your family, the things they do are worth their weight in gold and allows each of us to do the things we need to safely. Like a Doctor, you need to develop a good relationship with a shop. As they get to know you and your vehicle it becomes easier and less expensive to sort out troubling issues. Not to mention the problems that are prevented by doing the regular maintenance.

Thousands of dollars can be saved by doing your regular service. It’s no joke, an oil change is really worth $10,000. Without it, you could end of having to look at replacing your engine and all the peripheral systems that are affected by a serious breakdown. Much cheaper to just get your fluids flushed and oil changes done on time.

So it’s wise to stick with a good shop you trust that gives great service not to mention full warranties when you find it – vs allows looking for that bargain to fix your car as cheaply as possible.

We love our customers, and do our best to build that Dr. Patient relationship. So in the end you know us, you know our integrity and trust that we only prescribe what is best, safest and will keep you humming along longer – trouble free.

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