Tire Balancing & Wheel Alignments Calgary SW & SE

Calgary Tire Balancing & Wheel Alignments

Benefits of Balancing & Alignment

Unbalanced tires cause road vibration, which leads to driver fatigue, premature tire wear, and unnecessary wear to your vehicle's suspension. Tires should be balanced when they are mounted on wheels for the first time or when they are mounted after a repair. Visit Heritage Autopro to have your tires rebalanced at the first sign of a vibration or shimmy and once a year, or every 20,000 km. Proper alignment is necessary for even tread wear and precise steering. Uneven front or rear tire wear, or changes in your vehicle's handling or steering can indicate misalignment.

Proper tire balance and alignment is important as it reduces tire wear, increases the longevity of the tire, makes driving safer, and enhances vehicle performance. Heritage Autopro provides full tire balancing and wheel alignment services. We can ensure that your vehicle is properly aligned, meaning all suspension and steering components are operating correctly, and tire and wheel assemblies are sound. Experience a higher level of performance, a longer tire life, and a safer ride with balanced tires and aligned wheels.


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