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Calgary brake repair service

Your brakes are one of the most important systems on your car. If there is nothing else you do, you need to maintain and keep your brakes in prime working order for your own basic safety. I don't think we have to tell you the dangers of what will happen if your brakes ever fail. That is why it's so important to have them checked regularly If your brakes are making any kind of noise like squeaks, grinding or rubbing of any kind they need to be looked at right away.  In addition, if you feel vibrations when you step on the brake peddle or you just don't remember the last time you had them looked at, it's time to bring your car in.  We specialize in brake maintenance and repair and can get you in and out quickly.

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Basic brake issues to watch out for and why:

1. Squeaking, grinding, strange vibrations when you press the brake peddle - This can mean that your brake pads are worn down too far and you have metal touching metal. The way brakes work, is the material that is on the pad is what creates the most effective stopping power. Each time you stop or slow down with your brakes you're slowly wearing that material away. With that gone you increase the friction and heat which prevents the brake pad from gripping the rotor properly so you stop faster. And the hotter the pads and rotors get, the slipperier they become. Not something you want to happen when driving down the road with your family.

2. If you let your brakes wear down too far you're at risk of destroying the caliper. This component is what does the squeezing of your brake pads to the brake rotors. If this piece is too damaged then as you can imagine, the brakes will not work properly at all. Also, this an expensive piece to fix. So you want to replace your brake pads and possibly rotors before that happens to avoid that extra cost. This will save you money and keep you safer as well.

3. There are times when you don't feel anything wrong as you touch the brake peddle but that doesn't mean your brake pads aren't reaching the end of their life. In fact, it's going to be much cheaper repair if you replace these components before they are too worn. Every time you come in we actually measure the thickness of your brake pad. There is a set safety standard measurement set by the industry experts we go by when we tell you it's time to replace your pads. We'll also take a picture or save you the part so you can see for yourself to reassure you that we're not recommending anything that isn't going to keep you safe and save you money.

We also do a comprehensive inspection with all of our service packages too. So every time you come in you know exactly the condition of all your car's essential systems and can drive away feeling confident that everything is in good working order or have a prioritized list of what will need to be tackled when.

Another tid bit to remember, brakes are not covered by manufacturers warranties. So if you have a new car that still has it's dealer warranties, regular wear and tear on your brakes is not something they cover. Save yourself some money, bring your car to us for all the service that isn't covered by warranty, it won't affect the warranty you do have with the dealer and it will dramatically help your bank account. Plus, when your car is no longer covered by a dealer warranty you already have a relationship with a great mechanic shop that knows you and your car.

When you bring your vehicle to us even for regular service, your brakes are so important to your safety that we do a full inspection and check them every time. Our technicians have over 20 years experience and we use OEM quality parts so you can be assured that you and your family is safe and your car will perform the way you want.

Don't forget all our services are covered by our North American wide warranties, so there is no risk bringing your car to us and having us help you out


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